Vario B Trumpet

The Vario B Trumpet is enchanting with its full, earthy sound. The instrument has both easy response and a pleasing resistance. The notes are centred well and have convincing clarity throught to the highest pitches. And with the exchangeable lead pipe, bell, and tuning slide, the musician can enjoy a fascinating array of possible sound and volume variations.

Vario C Trumpet

The vario C Trumpet satisfies even the most extravagant demands for intonation. Especially in solos, its stable response gives a feeling of absolute security and allows precise, sharp entries.

Vario Es Trumpet with optional E and D tuning

The Vario Es Trumpet was Spiri's breakthrough into the area of specialized models. The Es has a mellow sound and outstanding tuning capabilities. The player can switch between E and D by changing the bell or the lead pipe.

Vario Piccolo B/A Trumpet

Besides its full and warm sound and its perfect intonation through the highest tones, the Vario Piccolo B/A Trumpet also has a unique slide arrangement: the trigger of the third slide is positioned where it can be controlled easily regardless of hand size or shape. The piccolo is also available with an additional trigger on the first slide.


The B Cornet is extremely popular with brass band musicians and soloists owing to its mellow and full sound, free response and steady intonation. The instrument has a tuning slide trigger and is also available with an optional trigger on the first and the third slide.

Prima B Trumpet

The main features of this beginners model are its particularly easy response and its low resistance. The Prima B is especially well suited for the first years of training. It produces a free and brilliant sound. One of the many pros of this model is that it requires minimum maintenance.

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