We train apprentices in the fields of retail, wind instruments maker and wind instruments repairing.

Our product range includes over 10,000 different articles, instruments and accessories.

We repair over 1,200 music instruments and rent several hundreds of instruments per year. The Spiri Vario trumpets are built in Winterthur and exported worldwide.

2017 Musik Spiri winns the KMU MAX

establishing the Spiri AG and takeover and continuation of Blasmusik-Center Gossau and Musikhaus Gurtner in Meilen.

 Musik Spiri 60 years anniversary with freshly renovated shop space on the 1st floor.

Musik Spiri gained an excellent reputation worldwide with its handmade and individual Spiri trumpets.

Integration of the oboe workshop Voss.

2011 Development of a carbon bell in collaboration with the material scientist Andi Keller.
2008 Selmer proshop: excellent service and specialist counselling award.

2007 workshop and shop space extension.

2005 start of the commitment to developing and creating a new profession for musical instrument makers.

New design of visual identity in collaboration with Atelier 22 and P-Art.

2003 Development of digital measuring slides for trumpet mouthpieces.  
2001 Werner Spiri is appointed President of the Swiss Association of Wind Instrument Makers (VSB).
1997 Development of flap mechanism for bass recorders.

1995 Development of the bassoon hand support.

1995 First-time participation of Frankfurt music fair with Spiri Vario trumpets.

1994 Celtic harps, pedal harps and their maintenance are included in the product range.

1992 Set up of an electroplating station in the factory for trumpet refinement.

1989 Werner Spiri takes over the family business.

1987 Werner Spiri develops a traverse flute testing device.

1986 Further development of an own trumpet, creating the Spiri Vario trumpet.

1980 Specialising in fabrication of trumpets and cornets.

 Renovation for a new specialisation; the revision and repairing of large percussion instruments.

 Acquisition and move into the new building on St. Georgenstrasse 52. Rosmarie Spiri takes over the responsibility for sales, Regula Spiri joins the company.

 Werner Spiri starts his training as wind instruments maker.

1963 Start of the development of an own valve fabrication. Fabrication of Perine valves for trumpets and tuba, etc.

1961 Take-over of company Wolf Frauenfeld, starting the wind instruments fabrication.

1955 Relocating to Werkstrasse 1, furnishing a salesroom. Rosmarie Spiri actively supports the company.

firmen grĂ¼ndung
1952 Foundation of the company „Walter Spiri Musikinstrumente“ in Winterthur with a starting capital of 1,000 Swiss Francs.

Fabrication of special mouthpieces and repairing of musical instruments.

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