Traditional workmanship

The quality and precision of Spiri trumpets are the result of many years of work and research. Walter Spiri started to build his own trumpets over 40 years ago and passed on his immense knowledge of trumpets to his son, Werner. Since 1989, he has continued the Spiri tradition in their workshop and oversees the music store in Winterthur, Switzerland. 

In addition, they are also highly respected for the quality provided in the areas of repairs and restorations. Through their close working relationship with a wide variety of professional players, Werner Spiri and his team have expanded the range of the trumpets they produce. 

The unique Vario Trumpet has emerged from this collaboration. Every year Spiri builds a limited edition Vario specially designed for the Music Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Spiri trumpets are internationally renowned for their unparalleled individuality, precision, and sound quality.

Spiri Vario Trompete Bilder aus der FabrikationSpiri Vario Trompeten SchallstückeSpiri Vario Trompete Bilder aus der Produktion

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